My Word, it’s been 5 years of RaceSpot TV

Things have been so busy at RaceSpot HQ that we forgot our 5th Birthday. That’s right. We’ve managed to make it 5 years in Sim Racing broadcasting, and it’s been one crazy journey.

Our first broadcast started late. We had some issues with YouTube that still sometimes haunts us, showing how reliance on third party software is only as good as the capabilities. Despite that, I still remember the broadcast fondly. It was myself and my longtime IndyCar commentating partner Aaron Likens, on a race from Iowa. This was before I had started directing myself, and I remember how we had literally 72 hours to set up and start operations, as we were going to be the GP WCS broadcaster that year.

Back then, Hugo Luis, Co-Founder and one of my closest friends (I’ll get to that later), was still a big name in the GP WCS. Rafael Sanque had made iRacing Brazil a fantastic localised broadcaster and was looking to expand, and the three of us just appeared in a conversation at the right place at the right time. At this point, I was using some masterfull Bulls**t to get things off the ground. I said early that our tagline should be ‘No gimmicks, just awesome broadcasting’, and having that message early on has enabled us to be where we are today.

I’m staggered, looking back at how much RaceSpot has grown. We have been afforded some fantastic opportunities, and somehow, we manage to make things work to bring a fun product to you, our amazing viewer base. When I think of our accomplishments, it’s easy to focus on WCS, however, we have also:

  • Ran and broadcast the first ever 24 Hour Race broadcast on iRacing, including two of us doing the entire 24H on commentary
  • As close to a perfect Indy 500 as I can imagine for the time being.
  • 4 Years of covering a grassroots, country based focused series in UK&I Monday Night Skippies. For much of this time, we have promoted a charitable partner.
  • 3 Years of Friday Night Primetime, giving viewers a say in what we broadcast.
  • A Porsche style ‘WCS’ series before Porsche WCS was a thing (Remember the whole SUPERCUP logo)
  • 4 years of covering the ADAC Sim Racing Expo, last year in attendance for the first time
  • IndyCar’s first ever eSports broadcast series.
  • So, so many leagues, and so much fun content I can’t even begin to name exa (DO YOU MIND?!?!?!?!?!) mples.
  • And most recently, working with Porsche for their first major eSports event.

In the last 5 years, I have worked with some amazing, talented people, both behind and in front of the virtual cameras. If I were to list them, I would miss out a few, and they would get angry, so I won’t! What I will say however is that RaceSpot is not about individual commentators, but the teams, the comradery, and the collective vision of just trying to make things happen.

It would be amiss of me to write this piece however without saying a couple of thank yous:

  • 2011 GP WCS Champion, and the champion of production. Without this man, RaceSpot wouldn’t exist. We can not do 80% of what we do without this amazing, dedicated, affectionable guy, with the hugest ass in history. We occasionally scream at each other, but we both believe in the same thing, and that’s what drives us forward. Love you Hugo!
  • Sean Siff, Doug Hunt, Drew Adamson: These poor people have been our contact at iRacing over the years. They have had to say things to us we didn’t like, and we have had to say things that… We refined before sending. These people put up with a lot from us, and we are thankful.
  • Steve: I listen to those heart to hearts. I do!
  • The other iRacing guys: Thanks for letting us do what we do, and have fun doing it. It’s good to know that most of the time you enjoy it too.
  • The wife: This poor lady has to essentially turn her phone off and watch TV on headphones to avoid noise bleed. She is also the perfect wife, and I love her.

I also want to say thankyou to all the other broadcasters, who we compete with, but are also friends with. We are not the longest established broadcaster. GSRC have that, followed by LSRTV, and I think SimSpeed (Formerly V8s online). Without the support that all these people have provided to us, and the friendly competition, you wouldn’t see half the things you do on broadcasts.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve considered throwing in the towel a few times over the years, however it’s Hugo, our team, and that pursuit for excellence that pushes us forward. We don’t always have things go to plan, and I’ve made a few + a few more mistakes, but the fun of things is the learning, experimenting, and that pursuit for a perfect broadcast. The no hitter. The Grand Slam. We’re close, but still looking.

Thank you everyone for 5 years, here’s to many more.

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