Wedding of Wil & Tsvetomira

[mkd_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#cc0000″ background_color=””]W[/mkd_dropcaps]il and Tess, the future Vincent family, are getting married on the 11th August 2018, and we would love for you to share in our day as we exchange our vows.

Following on from a number of people asking questions, we have finally decided to create a web page with FAQs for the wedding (for everyone’s sake)! If you have a question which is not answered below, please contact us, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Let us point out that this is the most improvised and informal wedding ever! Tess is not going to wear a wedding dress and don’t expect to (finally) see Wil in a suit – NOT happening because we will boil to death in the British August heat! This is why the dress code for the ceremony and reception afterwards is jeans and T-shirt/shirt. Please don’t wear black – we know this is the funeral of our bachelorships but we are happy that they’re over.

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Please don’t! We physically have no space to put them at home… And our furry daughter (Cat!) Lola will most probably knock them over, eat them, make a mess and Tess will have to talk to her in the “oh so scary” Bulgarian! Yes, we are sure Lola will eat them – she consumes plastic bags and MacBook charging cables, for God’s sake!

[/mkd_accordion_tab][mkd_accordion_tab title=”When and where do we meet on the big day?”]

We are all meeting in front of the Birmingham Register Office (Holliday St, Birmingham, B1 1TJ) at 10 am the latest. Note that parking is probably going to be a big issue in the area. Thank you, Birmingham City Council Planners for your hatred towards cars and parking! The ceremony starts officially at 10.10am so please don’t be late as they may not let you in.

Location Map (Google Maps): Click here

Parking Information: Click here

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We still have no clue what the ceremony will be like but we will update you soon if there is anything important. We’ve never been married so we have no idea what to expect. Note that only one person (Our designated wedding photographer), is the only one allowed to take pictures during the ceremony due to Registry Office rules. We will however be asking for photos from the reception for a virtual guestbook after the wedding.

After the “official” bit we are going to the reception venue (OK, that sounds pretentious – it’s just a nice pub!) The Red Lion (95 Warstone Ln, Birmingham, B18 6NG). A buffet style reception meal will be provided along with a toast. Please do let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will arrange with the venue.

We have booked the Red Lion from 12.30pm so that we can all have enough time to get there and take some photos on the way. Weather permitting, we will head across the canal network between the two locations which is a far more enjoyable walk than many give credit for! Feel free to join us if you feel like it!

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For Tess and Wil, NEVER! 😀

But for you, the guests, whenever you decide to head home! We do not have an exact end time for the reception, though we may need to vacate the upstairs after 6PM. The Red Lion does have a fantastic main area and there are plenty of other venues in and around that we may decide to head to afterwards.

Most of the Bulgarian guests are catching a flight back at around 6:30 pm so they will have to leave early. If you do need to leave early also, let us know and we can try and car / UBER Pool. For those staying however, we can stay, drink and chat until the pub closes or just move somewhere else!

[/mkd_accordion_tab][mkd_accordion_tab title=”Is there a smoking area at the reception venue?”]

Oh, yeah! Be happy, we have a huge balcony at our disposal! Chances are, you’ll find us out there at various points too.

[/mkd_accordion_tab][mkd_accordion_tab title=”What gifts would you like? “]

We have come up with a list of the things we need for the flat. Please do advise us if you are getting one of these things so that we can update the website, talk about arranging delivery, if needed, and so on. Don’t be shy to partner up for the presents. 🙂

Plates, glasses, mugs and gravy boats are a big NO-NO! Mr Vincent has accumulated a huge collection over the years – thank God, future Mrs Vincent is good at Tetris Cupboard Edition!

We are OK with gift cards for places like Ikea, Debenhams and the like. We promise to use them well – for the flat, the honeymoon (which will be most likely in November in Brazil) or chuck it into a savings account for future Vincent babies! As two young people with the idea of kids on the horizon, it’s never too early to start, and we do not mind if you decide to give us cash.

Please do whatever is easiest and least hassle for you, and remember, only send a gift if you can. We don’t want people being forced out of pocket.

Download Gift List (English)

Download Gift List (Bulgarian)