About Me
Welcome to my world.

On One Hand,
I’m an Academic & Researcher.

I am an Assistant Lecturer and Ph.D student at Birmingham City University. I graduated with a Masters in Environmental and Spatial Planning in 2014, and have 3 years of experience working for a UK Planning consultancy.

My teaching specialises in Planning practice, placemaking, stakeholder engagement and professional development. I have 2 years teaching experience, and have been involved in student experience research since 2012.

My Ph.D. focuses on the impacts and cycles of studentification and de-studentification, and the methods by which these processes can be used to support the creation and enhancement of sustainable communities. I formally commenced my Ph.D. in February 2018.

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On The Other,
I’m a Commentator & Journalist.

They say those who can’t do teach. In this case, those who can’t race commentate! I am co-owner and lead commentator for RaceSpot TV, the largest Sim Racing broadcaster in the world today.

I have 8 years media experience starting off as a presenter on my Student Radio station where I became their Head of Music for 2 years. I started commentary work in 2011, before co-founding RaceSpot TV in 2014.

My work has seen me commentate some of the biggest events in Sim Racing, working with partners including NASCAR, IndyCar, McLaren, Mazda, and more. I act as the brand manager for RaceSpot TV, and also help support new commentary talent through training and advice.

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What Others Say about Me

Wil has been a tech and design God-send in relation to the team's website provision. Courteous, friendly and always available we would not have the vibrant website, to reflect our national championship winning side, that we do without Wil's endeavour and application.

Jo Kilby - Birmingham Lions Coach

What Others Say about Me

I've worked with Wil for 6 years. He will absolutely do anything for anyone if at all possible, and always goes to make sure our needs are met. Once the broadcast starts, it's not a big race if Wil isn't broadcasting it.

Joe Branch - eSports Manager

What Others Say about Me

As a professional e-sports commentator, Wil is quite literally blazing a new trail in journalism. His coverage of our virtual IndyCar Series races brought a new level of professionalism and entertainment to the product. His talent and enthusiasm for the challenge that is live event commentating is inspiring. I'm excited to see where Wil can go from here as I'm sure he will have a long and successful career in broadcasting.

Brian Simpson - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

What Others Say about Me

Quite simply, there is no one better than Wil when it comes to providing a voice to go with the storylines created on the racetrack. His passion is infectious, and his knowledge, especially of IndyCar is unmatched by almost all in the business. He’s a real asset to the industry, and we could do with more voices like him.

Tony Gardner - President, iRacing